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"STAR" Readers /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


The Renaissance Place Edition of the STAR Reading computer-adaptive test and database allows teachers to assess students’ reading comprehension and overall reading achievement in ten minutes or less. This computer-based progress-monitoring assessment provides immediate feedback to teachers and administrators on each student’s reading development.


Students take this test every marking period to measure their growth. The test will give us an Instructional Reading Level, Grade Equivalent Level, and a Zone of Proximal Development.


  • Grade Equivalent scores range from 0.0 to 12.9+. A GE score shows how your child’s test performance compares with that of other students nationally.


  • The Instructional Reading Level (IRL) is the grade level at which students is at least 80% proficient at recognizing words and comprehending reading material.


  • The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is the reading level range from which Matthew should be selecting books for optimal growth in reading. It spans reading levels that are appropriately challenging for reading practice. This range is approximate. Success at any reading level depends on your child’s interest and prior knowledge of a book’s content.


After students take the test, the teacher will meet with students individually and give them their colors based on their assessment.






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